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Wavejunkies - Jet Ski Virginia Beach
New Wavedaze 2013 Website is Up!
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 16:14

Check it out ---> www.wavedaze.com

Wavedaze is an event for pwc and jet skis to ride free (for a fee, haha) at the Virginia Beach oceanfront.  Lots of freestyle, wave jumping, sight-seeing, and good ole times hosted by the Wavejunkies.

Wavedaze '12 is on!
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 08:37

What a weekend!

The surf and weather held out nice just about the whole weekend this year and Peabody's was (too many!) hours of good entertainment and the perfect opportunity for the Wavedaze riders to kick back and unwind from the afternoon rush.  And we've posted some pics on the Wavedaze Facebook page, check em out!

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Update 10/20:  Friday's surf was excellent, and the all-you-can-eat crablegs at Peabody's were on point!

Posted 10/18:  

The Junkies start setting up Thursday down at the Va Beach oceanfront for Wavedaze starting Friday!  The weather is looking to be sunny, 70s/60s, and today the wind is moving from north to east to south, which is good news!  The surf forecast on the local conditions page is looking good too.

Need to know info:

arrow The setup got bumped a block or two north of the Quality Inn but we can still ride and beach right there near 8th St if there is no dredging going on.  You can probably cart your ski down from 8th too...

arrow Dan will have shirts for sale in his usual room Friday night, and look out for them on the beach during the day.

arrow Our dollys and trailers can't handle much more than a small one-seater jet ski.  

arrow Heavy 2- and 3-seater jet skis should launch at Owls Creek boat ramp unless you have a dolly strong enough to support it on the beach.

arrow Everyone is welcome!  Rookie beach riders should check out the tips/tricks here on Wavejunkies and at Wavedaze.com.

Check out http://wavedaze.com for the full weekend schedule!

The Art of Wilkey
Sunday, 20 January 2013 22:14

Got the Winter time blues?  Enjoy the Art of Wilkey by Fast Elements with footage from Wavedaze in Virginia Beach and other rides!

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Wavedaze 2012 2.0: Oct 19-21
Friday, 14 September 2012 23:12


It's all here @ wavedaze.com

        • THE EVENT: Wavedaze 2012 2.0 is a semi-annual national freeride jet ski recreational and family social, entertainment, and partition event in Virginia Beach that provides an opportunity to showcase the positive aspects of PWC's as recreation and a sport hitting new heights in the surf.
        • WHEN: October 19-21, 2012
        • WHERE: Virginia Beach Oceanfront between 8th and 14th Streets (booth will be at 10th St).  Skis are welcome overnight on the beach and guests are welcome at the Quality Inn at 8th St.
        • CHARITY EVENT: All funds received benefit Local Charities and The AWA.
        • Funds will be raised through registration fees, corporate sponsors, and raffles.
        • HOSTED BY: The Virginia Beach Wavejunkies
        • REGISTER AT:  www.wavedaze.com



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